The Metropolitans of the American Association

by Clifford Blau
Catcher Billy HolbertIn 1882, the American Association was formed as a rival to the National League. It placed teams in many large cities, but not in the nation's largest, New York. The following year, the Metropolitans, which had formed in 1880 as an independent team, joined the league. The team originally had the same owners as the Giants, which joined the National League in 1883. The Mets were treated by their owners as secondary to the Giants, and struggled to survive until 1887. The links below lead to summaries of each of the Mets' AA seasons except the championship year of 1884, which is well covered by John O'Malley's article in the 1985 edition of SABR's The National Pastime. Mr. O'Malley has a fine article on the Metropolitan's first season of 1880 in the 1980 Baseball Research Journal, also published by SABR.

1883 Season

1885 Season

1886 Season

1887 Season

Metropolitans News

Bet you didn't think there could be Metropolitans news. But there is. I recently learned that Stats Inc. named Billy Holbert and Frank Hankinson to their all-time AA Fielding Team.

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