Welcome to my Web site featuring original baseball research. My name is Clifford Blau and I have been a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) since 1983. However, this site is not connected with SABR. I established this site in order to publicize not only my own research but that of others as well.  I hope to offer articles by other researchers, and to post research in progress so that others might critique and expand upon it.

 The Asylum Base Ball Club by Bob Mayer (2/09)

 Baseball's First World Series Goat by Dennis Pajot (pdf) (12/08)

The Best Trade by Clifford Blau 

A Comparison of AL and NL Park Factors, 1913-1975 by Clifford Blau

 Dominant Batting Leaders by Clifford Blau (7/08)

 Dominant Team Batting Leaders by Clifford Blau (09/13)

Early Black Baseball and Charles Douglass by Jerry Malloy

The Effect of Artificial Turf by David W. Smith, the founder of Retrosheet, probably the most important baseball research project being conducted.

 The 1882 Baltimore Club by Clifford Blau (5/09)

 The 1882 St. Louis Brown Stockings by Clifford Blau (6/09)

 The 1884 Indianapolis Club by Clifford Blau (03/10)

 The 1888 Brooklyn Bridegrooms by Clifford Blau (2/09)

 The 1889 Athletic Club by Clifford Blau (01/09)

 The 1889 Metropolitans: The Trials and Tribulations of an Independent Club by Clifford Blau (09/04)

 The 1890 Athletic Club by Clifford Blau (01/09)

 Growth Through Chaos: the 1890 St. Louis Browns by Clifford Blau (02/11)

 The 1891 Philadelphia Association Club by Clifford Blau (11/08)

 The 1891 Milwaukee Brewers by Clifford Blau (01/10)

 Historical Error Rates by Clifford Blau (7/08)

The History of Major League Tie Games by Clifford Blau (originally published in 1997 Grandstand Baseball Annual, corrected 08/20)

How Hitting and Pitching Contribute to the Success of Division Winners, 1969-1989 By Cyril Morong (7/04)

John McGraw Comes to New York by Clifford Blau (12/03)

The Major League RBI Equivalency Formula: The Dominance of Power Hitting by Cyril Morong (7/04)

Is Mark McGwire the Next Babe Ruth or Josh Gibson? by George B. Yancey

Research In Progress- League Operating Rules by Clifford Blau

Leg Men by Clifford Blau (11/08)

Measuring the Accuracy of Runs Formulas by Clifford Blau (8/99)

The Metropolitans of the American Association by Clifford Blau

Nineteenth Century National League Team Vs. Team Records by Ed Hartig

Offensive Replacement Level by Clifford Blau (10/98)

Reaching Base on Errors by Clifford Blau (5/99)

 The Red Rolfe Conundrum by Clifford Blau and John Eigenauer (09/13)

Scorability by Brian Greene

Research In Progress- Team Captains (Excel file)

Research In Progress-  Team Names by Clifford Blau

 Team Owners (1876-1993) by Clifford Blau (11/14)

Wild Pitches and Passed Balls by Clifford Blau (4/06)

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Not related to baseball, but here is an annotated map of White Plains, NY I have compiled.