1902 Giants Transactions

Date Transaction
04/25 Released Magee
04/28 Signed Joe Bean
04/29 Released Jim Delahanty
05/05 Purchased Joe Bean from Rochester
05/08 Luther Taylor rejoined team (had signed over winter but jumped to AL)
05/14 Steve Brodie released
05/20 Released Henry Thielman and Thurston
05/24 Signed Tom Campbell?
05/29 Acquired Hess, Hartley
05/30 Signed Libe Washburn
06/01 Signed McDonald
06/03 Signed O'Hagen
06/04 McDonald retired, Jackson released
06/05 Hartley retired
06/07 Signed Steve Brodie, Nichols, Hendricks
06/14 Signed Blewett
06/17 Released Steve Brodie
06/18 Signed Steve Brodie
06/19 John Hendricks given notice of release
06/20 Jack Doyle released (6/19?)
06/26 Joe Bean given notice of release (6/25?)
07/01 Signed Heinie Wagner
07/08 Roy Clark given notice of release, signed John McGraw
07/15 Released Blewett and Clark
07/17 Released O'Hagen, Burke, Yeager, Sparks, Evans, Wagner; signed Bresnahan, Cronin, McGann, McGinnity.
07/21 Signed George Browne, R. Miller
07/25 Released Libe Washburn
08/01 Signed Joe Wall
08/06 Jim Jones suspended for balance of season
09/01 Borrowed Jack Robinson from Bridgeport
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